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The FDA Finally Addresses the High Levels of PFAS in Our Water and Food

The FDA released the results from testing containments in meat and fish. The results are not so great, showing that PFAS have nearly doubled the advisory level. And apparently the results from chocolate cake were even worse reaching levels more than 250 times the federal guidelines! These kind of chemicals truly define the meaning of a “toxin”. They take thousands of years to degrade, and can often accumulate within our bodies. This is particularly concerning when discussing the body’s detoxification pathways, and the recent increase in MTHFR a genetic mutation that inhibits the ability for the body’s detox pathways to properly filter and breakdown chemicals. Nearly 40% of Americans have this genetic mutation to some capacity. All Individuals on the autism spectrum also have this mutation to some degree. Research is now confirming MTHFR as a risk factor for Autism.

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27 Spice Launch Video!

Ashley Sheffer (formally Ashley Welch) launched her second tech company 27 Spice this past May. Her first company Flutter shut down in 2017 as she stepped away from her entrepreneur role, and became a mom to her second son. 27 spice is her latest venture, one that she plans to disrupt both the Coffee, and Natural Foods Markets with. Ashley is married to Film Director Ryan Sheffer owner of Mile80

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Ryan Sheffer